Union Magazine #3

Image of Union Magazine #3

High quality, British magazine that travels the globe to feature the bizarre and unusual. In issue 3, there’s a visit to meet the Raelians, a UFO religion that has been long derided as little more than a sex cult, an expedition to the wilds of the Ohio River to try and find America’s greatest lost treasure hoard and experience the unlikely two wheel transport taking the city of Detroit by storm— the, er, moped.

There’s also a look at sex worker fashion in America’s biggest legal brothel and we explore the mysterious modern day megaliths of Brittany and an in-depth interview with accountant turned photographer, Lee Jeffries and his long-term project on the world’s homeless.

UNION is lucky enough to be the first publication ever to showcase the work of Australian photographer Olivia Alexander and her documentary series on nightclub transvestites down under

Add in features on haunted Indian hotels, the illegal street racers of Tokyo, band of the moment Highly Suspect, a chat with a Berkeley professor who is the world’s foremost expert on disaster prevention and much much more and there should be more than enough to keep you out of trouble for the next few days or so. And if not, don’t blame us.