London Subculture 1979–1981


The publishers call this a book, so we will too, but it has the feel of a very professionally-produced fanzine. It's a 36-page monograph of French photographer Yan Morvan's images, shot in the English capital. The Guardian points out the photos 'capture that moment when punk in Britain was giving its edge to mod revival culture.'

It shows ground zero punk, mod revival and skinhead culture, kitchen parties, gigs, rides, pubs and street corners. It demands to be picked up time and again while you wonder what happened to the kids and teens in the photos.

To quote The Guardian's review, again, 'His pictures – of the mosh pit at a Killing Joke gig or of rude boys chucking rocks at derelict factory buildings – capture a lot of the violent energy he encountered.'

First edition
36 pages
14cm x 20cm
b/w digital