Sideburn 46


There is a slight disconnect between the cover and content of this issue. The front cover is a rootin'-tootin', stars and bars Ryan Quickfall illustration of AFT racer Cory Texter apple piein' his way to an all-American podium, but much of the content depicts Europe's current obsession with going left at a rate of knots.

We have a Yamaha XSR700 twin from Germany; Knight Honda RS600 replica from the Netherlands; the most gorgeous Trackmaster BSA A65 from the UK; a Yam RD350 YPVS short tracker, also from the Netherlands; a German photography portfolio; Belgian electric dirt tracker and a superlight Ducati twin from France.

Of course, we have US content too. Bryan Smith's experimental Howerton Indian FTR750; Cory T; Ryan Zahn, who races flat track, despite being born without arms (yes, really); a wild Sportster Hooligan; JJ's cabover Kenworth race hauler (what could be more American?); Trophy Queen and more.

COVER: Cory Texter by Ryan Quickfall

BIKES: Howerton Indian FTR750; Trackmaster BSA A65; Mellow Motorcycles Yamaha XSR750 Kenny Roberts Tribute; Yamaha RD350 YPVS short tracker; Knight Honda RS600; 2001 Harley Sportster Hooligan; Wood Rotax; Kerozin Ducati 696 dirt tracker; Trevor Stella electric dirt tracker; Cheetah Honda Dax 160;

PEOPLE: Kody Kopp; Ryan Zahn; Cory Texter; Kazuo Fukuda; Paige Thomas

INTERVIEW: Cory Texter

PORTFOLIO: The photography of Kati Dalek

HAULER: 1974 Kenworth K123 'cabover'

MOVIE: Cycles South

PAGES: 108